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Liisa's a freelance author who's written for several role-playing game companies, as well as PR marketing, press collateral, and social media for destination resorts, the Renaissance Entertainment Corp, and live play podcasts.

Her work includes Dragon Realms, Gemstone IV, and Fantasy University for Simutronics Corp., contributions in design for several online gaming stream worlds, and her own writing blog.
She’s been a proofreader for author J.R. Rain, and Catalyst Game Labs.


When she’s not helping clients polish their online presence, she’s recording an ongoing audiobook series for Catalyst Games Labs, creating recipes for her food blog, or writing in her own growing collection. She’s been quoted in Forbes, for her work on D&D LIVE Events, and the gaming community.
The through-line in all of these, is, storytelling.

Currently she's writing a book, a cook book, and contributing to Kickstarter favorite: Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, a DnD 5E compatible supplement.


A wonderful project with friends and heroes that's been incredibly fulfilling to get to collaborate on. You're gonna love this, just love it. Arriving ashore 2024.


Four environments and locations within the Kickstarter Favorite Project, Anansi's Tapestry of Lives by Neverending Inc. A DnD 5E compatible supplement. Writers on the project also include Ed Greenwood and Keith Baker. Funded in just under 3 hours and racked up a ton of Stretch Goals.












I learned to read before most of my classmates were starting, by following the adventures of a few furry-footed fellows, a wizard and a ring. The creative play of books and writing made me a voracious reader, so naturally getting to be in your own story, like DnD was a thrill. That led me to text based MUDs where I learned to write for games, and then more DnD. 

Other current projects include: a book, a children's book, and a cookbook.

You can find more of my writing at 

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