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NDA Project                      Stunts                         Lions Gate

The Thing Called Love    Featured/Dance capt. Peter Bogdanovich

Love Hollywood Style      Featured                      Michael Stien

Legs                                 Lead                            Richard Redlin

Playa's Ball                       Featured                     Michael Stien

Tensile Strength                Lead                           Richard Maritzer

Miracle Minute                  Lead                           Dina Mande

Red Hot and Blue             Lead                           Scott Russel

Three Synister Syllables   Lead                           Adam Gallagher

3 Minute Waltz w/ Shears Lead                           Eddie O'Flaherty

Deadication                      Featured corpse         Robert Dickman

When The Eagle Cries     Supporting                  Steve Shaw

Cowgirl's Dream              Featured                      Rick Johnson


See voice work page | demos 


Rurouni Kenshin - The Final                                 Bang Zoom              

Room 104 - HBO       ADR                                         Barbara Harris

End of a Gun            ADR, Looping Eng., French     Keoni Waxman

Hedgehogs                 Walla                                        Bang Zoom

Band Together            Walla                                        Bang Zoom


Mrs. Earp                  Edna w/ Marian Ross                       Falcon Theatre

La Cage Aux Folles  Anne                                          Theatre By The Sea, R.I.

Kiss Me Kate             Lola u/s Bianca                         Theatre By The Sea, R.I.

George M                  Little Girl u/s Josie                    Theatre By The Sea

Anything Goes          Chastity w/ Marilyn McCoo                Palace Theatre

Josie & the Women of Tombstone Edna,/Swing          Disney Studios

West Side Story        Velma u/s Graz w/Jack Wagner        National Tour

West Side Story       Minnie u/s Anybody's w/ Rex Smith  National Tour- Kennedy Center

Come Back to the 5 &10  Young Sissy                        Siesta Key Actors Theatre


X'S & O'S                         Series Regular      David Michaels

The Howard Stern Show  Recurring              Channel 10 NYC/ var.

TNN Country News         Guest Star              Nashville Network

TNN Country News         Special Guest Star Nashville Network

Rodeo Club                     Guest Star              Scott Marshall


Cantata Pansophical - Vox Machina : An Exandrian Musical - Zahra / harmonies 

Timothy Craig Band - American Rock - LA, CA

White Hot - 80's Pop - Atlantic City, NJ



Acting: Beverly Hills Playhouse, Richard Lawson,
Milton Katselas, Gary Imhoff, Mark McPhearson
Voice-over: Charlie Adler, Kal-El Bogdanove, Debi Derryberry, Dave Walsh, Sara Cravens,
Lindsay Perlman, Elaine Craig, Pat Fraley, DB Cooper, 
Todd Resnick, Jessica Gee

Promo: Jodi Gottlieb, Harry Dunn
Looping: Barbara Harris, Johnny Gidcomb, Holly Dorff
Voice: Kyle Puccia, Ron Anderson, Renee Grant-Williams, Sheilah Rae
Dance: Joffery Ballet NYC, Ailvin Ailey, American Dance Machine,
tepps, Josie Walsh, Jaime Rogers, Royal Ballet of London
Mocap: Richard Dorton, Mocap Vaults, Rouge Mocap

Stage Combat: Creative Combat, Steve Huff, 

Bronze Dragons Stunt Team member, Imperial Knights, 
Riding | Joust: Barbara Parkening, Imperial Knights

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