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Voiceover & Business Coaching

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Weekly Voiceover Workouts and Livestream Events

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Book time with Liisa to work on your specific VoiceOver goals and career path.   

Coach with Liisa, or join the Career Admin Group as well as all SkillsHub has to offer

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Polish up your marketing skills and level up your social media presence

Let’s Work Together

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Coach Privately or at SkillsHub

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Purchase VoiceOver or Branding classes one at a time or as a package. Let's Go!


Weekly Workout: $30 per week

1/2 hour session $60
1 hour session $125
3-1 hour sessions $375

5-1 hour sessions $600

Live Courses: TBD

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1.Fill out the Calendly form to schedule your session.

2. Prepay for your Coaching.

3. You're All Set!


You'll receive a Zoom link for our session in your email.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Los Angeles, CA. 91604

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Why Work With
Liisa Lee:


Supportive and direct, with fun and skill, describes her style of teaching.

As a multi-award winning voice actor, and seasoned performer in multiple genres, Liisa has the insight and skill to help you level up and polish your reads as well as administrate your business to get heard and booked.

She's coached, consulted and directed Emmy & Oscar winners, NFL players, Grammy & Billboard award recipients, alumni of The Voice,  as well as seasoned pros in the VoiceOver business. 
Her clients get Booked.

Liisa teaches the different genres of VoiceOver, and how to find your wheelhouse.
She excels at script analysis, interpretation and improv to create different, authentic takes of a script.

The next step is the business side and social media.

Her background as a successful PR Marketing Director

for national corporations,

gives her an edge to help actors

hone their media presence and business skills.

The gold in any script is You.
She coaches and directs all levels of actors. 

Setting you up properly and professionally across all social media platforms to get you seen, and working.
After all, this is a career and a business.
Teaching the business and marketing side of VoiceOver is a skill she includes in all her coaching.
We'll create personalized focus sessions with actionable steps to polish your web presence, navigate demos, the agent search, following up, and communicate effectively as a professional.
Let's talk:

  • How Your Voice Is Marketable

  • Coaching - Who & Where

  • Demos & Websites

  • Agents & Managers

  • Direct Marketing & Pay To Plays

  • Social Media Presence & Promotion

  • Professional Communication & PR

  • Rates & Invoicing 

Above all, it's getting an actor free of their worries, stops or considerations, and really letting them shine as themselves.  The gold is your own voice.

You have a fascinating and fantastic career, you've done everything." ~ Jennifer Hale


"Excellent listener, gives great encouragement, explains the process of audio takes incredibly well." ~S.R.


"Liisa is fantastic! She is very patient and understanding with me.  She has been helping me get out of old habits and very encouraging. She's been teaching me things I never would have known on my own. Thanks again Liisa you're the best! "~ J.G.



With over 20 years of experience, Liisa's worked as a PR Marketing Director within multi-million dollar corporations, destination resorts, live events, and small businesses as well as the VoiceOver industry. She successfully raises numbers and reach wherever she puts her focus. She's consulted and worked with Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony, & Billboard winners, major radio markets, and professional athletes, along with corporations.


Let's work together to assess your web and social media presence to maximize your brand's reach, engagement and ROI. We'll work on your goals and give you actionable tasks to help you business grow weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
Liisa's successfully worked with national corporations, destination resorts, live events, and small businesses to consistently raise numbers and brand presence.

I excel at helping brands and businesses polish their overall presence with visual cohesion, color story, and messaging to give the best user experience, growth and results.
We serve up great brand storytelling.


Let's talk:

  • Websites

  • Visual Cohesion Across Platforms

  • Visual Brand Presence | Growth & ROI

  • Press & Marketing

  • Social Media Presence & Promotion

  • Professional Communication & PR

  • Rates & Invoicing 

"She's a fiend at social media marketing. Her numbers growth is incredible." ~ Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort


“You did a spectacular job for us in California and New York. Everyone is looking forward to working with you again.” ~ R. Kipple ~ Rennaisance Entertainment Corporation” 

“You are a creative, driven, analytical person with lots of talent.” ~ E. L. - Simutronics

“Liisa is a hardworking, thoughtful, self-starter with a keen awareness of grassroots marketing.” ~ R. Gaskins - Society of Voice Arts Awards

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