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I've helped so many folks get started, find equipment, tools & coaching they need, I put it all in one place to help support more people.
Here are my favorite people, places, tools, coaches, and gear to teach, guide, and move you forward in your VO career.  
Want more information on VoiceOver, marketing, social media, which microphone works best for your voice, how the interfaces work, or how to Get Started in Voiceover?
 Book a discovery session with me!

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There are a ton of amazing voiceover coaches, directors, demo producers, mocap, stunt training and and workshops in LA and available for Zoom classes.

This is a great list of favorites, but by no means all of the great folks I've coached with and recommend.
Be a well rounded actor and performer.
This list will keep growing and changing. 

VoiceTrax West - great roster of teachers | workouts
Mick Wingert - commercial | animation | demos
Jodi Gottlieb - commercial | promo

The Gardner Collective - various roster workouts
Ace Studios - Sara Cravens

Kal-El Bogdanove - commercial | animation 
Charlie Adler - animation
Diana Birdsall - vo business | coaching

Crispin Freeman - anime
SkillsHub Jennifer Hale - voiceover | vo business
Kyle Puccia - voice coach 
Karen Strassman - accents & dialects
Align Ballet Method - Mike Cornell
Hama Dance Center - ballet & jazz
Richard Lawson - acting | on camera 

Jonathan Mayberry - writing

NAVA - National Association of Voice Actors

Mary Lynn Wissner

Jeff Howell - Promo

Bang Zoom - Anime
Pat Fraley - Animation/ ADR Looping
Harry Dunn - Promo | Promo demos
Barbara Harris - ADR Looping

Ear Blowing Audio - Demos

Gardner Street Collective - Weekly Workouts

Tim Friedlander - SoundBoxLA | NAVA | Gardner Street Collective | 

ToonHouse - demo production 
Blumvox Studios - Steve Blum
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn -

The Halp Network - all things voiceover

Ben Britton - audio tech

JAM - Joining All Movement 

Mocap Vaults  - mocap training

Industry Standard Rate Guide:

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Dee Bradley Baker's wonderful site:

National Association of Voice Actors

I have a blurb in here:

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NAVA is also home to the

Brad Venable Fund.

Respect. Humility. Love. Curiosity.

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Sweetwater Sound has been my go-to company for sound equipment, mics, cords, and room treatment. Mics for voiceover, podcast and music.
My contact is
Tim Burgess: 
 (800) 222-4700 x1630
but the whole team can help you get what you need for your space and requirements.  
Find them 

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Let me introduce you to the best in the biz.
Tim Tippets is The VO Tech Guru. He helps vetted professionals learn Adobe Audition, EQ and sound education, and has links to his favorite gear, that I use and highly recommend.

His online course "Audition Ready", is the best, and easiest to learn I've found out there and I highly recommend it. Find his awesomeness 

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For podcasters, there are some great choices of microphone. This one is mine. I tend to prefer this over the AT2020 for my voice, and room sound set up, but I like a few others as well. You do you! There is an MV7 version that's a USB cord mic. This mic requires an interface and a cloud lifter. I recommend the Scarlett 2i2 interface. This is the link to my Amazon affiliate shop link, so click that pic. Happy podcasting!

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This is my pic for voiceover mics (along with a 416). The 103 jumps in price $300 and is more than a small studio needs, but I wouldn't say no. There are a lot out there, and many do a great job, I'm just giving you my fave. This mic needs an interface, and I recommend the Apollo Solo. This is my Amazon affiliate link, so click the pic. Happy shopping and rock that mic!

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Lovingly called, just, Pei Pa Koa by the voiceover industry, this is The Stuff. Loquat syrup with honey and spices that soothes throats between sessions and helps keep me going through long battle cry sessions. It also happens to taste delicious.  This is my Amazon affiliate link so click the pic, and get addicted like the rest of us. 

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This is the first interface I worked with. Don't let folks crab on about this lil work horse. It's a fine unit and the only consideration about upgrading, will be with mics like the TLM 103. (see Interface 2) This baby is easy plug-and play and has served me well.  This is my amazon Affiliate link so click the pic.

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If folks want a mmid level interface, between the Scarlett and the bell & whistle options of the Apollo, this is a fine choice. This is my affiliate page so, click the Iink!

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Key lights for streamers and zoom. If you're streaming games, hosting zoom meetings or coaching, great lighting is critical. Here's one of the great options out there. 

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This is a great step up from the Scarlett and I use this specifically with my TLM 103. The main benefit for me, is this has a noise gate built in, so when I'm recording live, remotely to outside studios for video games, or ADR projects, I can improve my sound floor before it leaves my booth, to help the engineers on the other end. (There are other technical reason as well) I highly recommend. There is a learning curve. This is my Amazon affiliate link, so click the pic.  

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If you need a USB mic to start, here's one of a few I think get the job done. This Rode, & the AT2020 are pretty equal in performance, I'm just giving choice. 

I'd highly suggest getting a mic with an XLR connector cable, but if price point is your consideration, this is a good way to get started.
This is my amazon affiliate link, so click the pic and get recording! 

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Tula USB Mic - podcasting | portable

This is a mic more folks are going to, trying out and using for podcasting and Clubhouse. This is comparable to the Blue Raspberry (discontinued) or the AT2020.
Let me know what you think!

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I'm a huge fan of Sennheiser products and their wonderful customer service. I've used these since the start of my vo career and will always recommend these to folks. There are a few great choices out there, but these are a solid, excellent option. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.01.13 PM.png

Triton Fethead

Recommended by the wonderful Carl Welden. A great solution for amping your gain on the go.  A great piece of gear for traveling light and still giving great sound.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.01.27 PM.png

Cloud Lifter Sound Gain

A great little unit for extra power to add to your preamp.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee, I've been completely satisfied with the equipment, learning, and tools I've bought and used.

These are all just suggestions. 

That's it. That's the disclaimer. 

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