Yes, it really is two 'i's...

​Liisa Lee is a voice actor, singer, performer, and producer in Los Angeles, originally from Orlando, Florida and NYC.

She can be heard in national campaigns, film, tv, animation, video games, audio books, ADR/dubbing, and performance capture. 
Her national commercial spots have been used as examples, to teach natural reads in LA voiceover classes. 


Liisa’s career began in professional ballet, performing for the American wing of the Royal Ballet of London School, musical theater, spanning broadway national tours, regional theater, television, modeling, print, and film. 
Her credits also include vocals in 2 rock bands.
She's been dance captain for film choreography, performed live stunt combat, longbow archery, jousting games, and her own equestrian stunts for film.

PR Marketing credits include: Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Wizards of the Coast's Stream of Many Eyes,
The Society of Voice Arts Awards, Cantata Pansophical Album Release Party & Charity Drive, The New York Rennaisance Faire, 
The Forest of Fear, and the Southern California Rennaisance Pleasure Faire.
Social Media Marketing clients include: Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, 
How We Roll podcast, Simutronics Corporation's, VegasCon, private clients & more.

She's a published writer and game designer. She's been a writing collaborator and designer for text based MUDs like Dragon Realms and Fantasy University. She's designed, written and runs a D&D based Discord server, and is currently writing a book.

When Liisa’s is not behind the mic, she's baking cookies and cakes, sharing or shooting culinary creations on Instagram and her blog:
TruthLove& Being a food photographer: Sugar Studios Inc., and coaching 

What's her Geek?
All things D&D, World of Warcraft (Ambi-faction), board games, lover of the origins of idioms, DisneyLand as often as possible, and RPGs like Blades in the Dark and Pulp Cthulhu.

Gaming and Streaming Creds:
Award Winner & Cast member of How We Roll podcast - Top 10 Best Live Play Podcast 2018 | 2019, and AudioVerse Award Nominee.
ENnie Winner - Silver - 2020
Red Moon Roleplaying : Mystery of the Unicorn Chamber w/ Ed Greenwood. 

Stream of Many Eyes - Off the Table game #1, as Bonnie the barmaid, an NPC from the book Waterdeep:DragonHeist. Pre-production casting and event consulting.
NPC Arabelle on Dice Camera Action.  
A guest, talking D&D and gaming on various streams, on RPG Academy.
A writer, collaborator, and event producer on Dragon Realms, Gemstone IV, and Fantasy U, for Simutronics. 

Look for which Twitch streaming games, Liisa will be (rolling poorly) appearing on, next.